Open Studio Hours

The Romero House Potters (RHP) studio is open nearly every day of the year.  We are closed on New Year’s day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

glazing room tools - access available during open studio hoursClass fees provide generous, free open studio hours for all students, whether you’re registered for a class or for independent study.

A week of open studio hours runs a total of seven consecutive days, Monday through Sunday. Designated monitors are available during these times to answer questions about studio policies and procedures and to guide use of equipment, tools, and supplies–The including glazes.

Stop in the studio during the times listed below to obtain more information and to register for classes and/or open studio.


The following “Open Studio Hours” schedule takes into consideration the RHP posted class schedule for the month.  However, additional open studio hours are available when a posted class does not run (check the class list posted on the side of the bat cabinet) or the instructor approves use of the studio space during his/her class.  PLEASE ASK THE INSTRUCTOR if you would like to unobtrusively work in the studio during a class!

  • Sunday      9 AM-5 PM Studio-wide

  • Monday      9 AM-9 PM Wheel

    9 AM-9 PM Auxiliary hand building
    9 AM-1 PM, 4 PM–9 PM Main hand building

  • Tuesday    1 PM–9 PM Wheel

    4 PM- 9 PM   Main hand building

     9 AM – 9 PM Auxiliary hand building

  • Wednesday 9 AM-9 PM Wheel with instructor permission during Raku

    9 AM-9 PM Auxiliary hand building

    9 AM-10 AM, 1 PM-9 PM Main hand Building with instructor permission during Raku

  • Thursday 9 AM-1 PM, 4 PM- 6 PM Wheel

    9 AM – 9 PM Main hand building, auxiliary hand building

  • Friday     9 AM9 PM Wheel Room

    9 AM – 9 PM Auxiliary Hand Building

    9 AM-10:30 AM, 1:30 – 5:00 PM Main Hand building

  • Saturday     
    1 PM – 5 PM Studio-wide with instructor permission during Raku

     9 AM – 5 PM Auxiliary Hand Building room

  • *Hours are subject to change

    Join the RHP community in a welcoming, creative environment in downtown Tucson, AZ!

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