Sid Henderson

My class will be constructed around a collaborative environment where experienced students and beginning students can sculpt together and learn from one another.

The class will be tiered that beginners will have the structure they need, while advanced students will be allowed more flexibility to pursue their ambitions. I will be there to present demos and individual feedback throughout each class.

Objective: With time and practice, students who attend my figurative sculpture class will be confident and able imagine and construct realistic sculpture at an impressive scale.

I’d like to give each of my students a better understanding of the human form, and the means to express their ideas by sculpting it in clay.

Background: I have a career in sculpting bronze sculptures for public installations and monuments, and I would love to share this knowledge with those who love to sculpt.

Inspiration: I specialize in surrealist sculpture. My creations are graceful, realistic, and dreamlike. Scientific ideas usually form a basis for the majority of my independent work.

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