RHP artist-in-residence and sculpture instructor, George C Peñaloza, was born in Los Angeles, California. Initially a digital arts college student, he felt limited by one and two-dimensional work and believed he could better express himself in 3-D . For several years now, Peñaloza has been incorporating design training into his sculptures, creating intricate and detailed work.

With the support of mentor Hirotsune Tashima, Peñaloza has enjoyed repeated success in gallery exhibitions and competitions. He was selected to exhibit at the Arizona Biennial at the Tucson Museum of Art and was a finalist in ceramic sculpture at the 2008 Niche Awards in Philadelphia.

Most recently, he participated in the 6th Annual Tucson Sculpture Festival. “In Penaloza’s ‘Taking A Ride With Andy,’ Andy Warhol lives on, riding around an opened can of tomato soup on his can opener motorbike, wig intact and oblivious to the famous Factory friends below” (Review, Tucson Sculpture Festival, 2015 by Judy Robbins)

His work consists of “sculptures expressing iconic American issues, ideals, and popular figures in a surrealistic manner.”

“… he has found a way to give voice to his deeper creativity and to bring forth everything within himself. His inspirations for moving to the more free-form and intricate art form of sculpture include fantasy movies and special effect design. Ceramic sculpture gives him an opportunity to give life to what exists within his heart and imagination.” Esther Rogoway

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Watch 2 videos to discover his work and his class at the studio.